Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation Packages: A Glimpse of Hawaiian Tattoo Culture

Vacation Packages: A Glimpse of Hawaiian Tattoo CultureWhen you see someone with a Hibiscus flower design tattooed in any part of his body, it is more likely this person has been to Hawaii. Hawaiian tattoo is a favorite art activity in Hawaii now. Reading this article would give you insights of this culture.

Tattoo culture is not peculiar in Hawaii. This culture is traced way back in early years of Polynesian settlers. Early Polynesians painted their body for religious purposes, for expressions of their beliefs and as a mark of distinctions and bravery. Many Hawaiian tattooed their body to express their cultural heritage. They also use tattoos to showcase their respect for nature and religious beliefs.

Hawaiian tattoos are now part of the modern pop culture in Hawaii. It can be compared to the famous Hawaiian shirts which had their heyday during the 50's and now enjoying a retro appeal. With the resurgence of the "tiki culture", Hawaiian tattoos are now enjoying vast popularity in today's modern pop culture. Tattooing is an accepted form of art in Hawaiian pop culture. It is also a lucrative job for many Hawaiian artists catering to millions of tourists visiting the island. It is a common sight to see visitors having a newly painted Hawaiian tattoo in their bodies.

When you say Hawaiian tattoo, it is most probably one of these designs; a Hibiscus, the yellow variant and the state flower of Hawaii, the ghost orchid tattoo, Dolphins, tropical flowers and arrows. Most of the tattoo designs are with symbolic meaning and expressing beauty. A flower design is not at all feminine but an expression of admiration to natural beauty. Hawaiian arm band tattoo have more intricate designs and are hard to perform. Only the best and well-trained tattoo artist can do Hawaiian arm band tattoos. Visitors can find great tattoo shops in many Hawaii hotels and most of these tattoo shops are regulated to protect tourists' health and safety.

Hawaiian tattoos have special spots in the body of a female or male. For a male, tattoos are painted on the legs, arms, face and torso. A female can have her Hawaiian tattoos on the hands, wrist and tongue. Many of these tattoos are based on traditional tattoo art of the Polynesian settlers. Some of these are combinations of the traditional and the modern pop culture. Some tattoo artists have their own creations but still conforming to the traditional designs. Most tattoos on hands are of single design and mostly flowers, small animals and arrows. Tongue tattoos are rare but mostly done with religious purposes. A man's arm can be painted with his favorite rare Hawaiian animal species. Where to put these tattoos are based on gender alone.

Hawaiian arm tattoo is an example of the creation of Hawaii Pop culture. It is popular among the youth of Hawaii. It is an expression of their desire in keeping alive their tribal heritage. Some of Hawaiian arm designs speak of war exploits of a tribal group. Some depicts human struggle against nature's power of destruction. A visit to a tattooing shop is one of the many exclusive activities included in vacation packages for group of young teenage tourist. These young visitors can see the actual tattooing process and see how long a tattoo artist can finish a particular design. Usually, it only takes less than half an hour to finish a hibiscus design.

Vacation Packages: A Glimpse of Hawaiian Tattoo Culture
Hawaii is one of the few US states that require tattoo artists to take and pass a test involving knowledge of health and safety precautions. They are required to have the knowledge of the state's current regulations. They cannot perform any tattooing unless they are duly licensed and have license for their facilities. Tattooing without these requirements are considered violation of state's law and is punishable. This is to protect visitors coming to Hawaii in case they would like to have a Hawaiian tattoo in their body.

Tattoo culture is an expression and a statement for many people. A Hawaiian tattoo in a tourist's body is a way of expressing an embedded memorable experience in Hawaii islands.