Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Magic Kingdom-Magic Kingdom Tips

Planning your vacation to Magic Kingdom this summer?

Be thought the gates 30 minutes earlier than the stated opening time. Get strollers and pick up a map and entertainment schedule as you enter. The entertainment schedule is crucial because it gives you showtime and characters meting times for that day.

  1. On Extra Magic Hour mornings, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland open first. Older kids should head straight for Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear while youger kids should start with Dumbo, Peter Pan's Flight, and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has offer!
  2. On days that are anticipated to draw large crowds, guests are allowed to travel the lenght of Main Street before the park officially opens. On less crowded days, people are usually held in the town square just in front of the railroad. Either way, several characters will be on hand to give the kids something to do while you are waiting for the ropes to drop.
  3. On regular mornings all sections of he park open at once. If your kids are up for it, head for Splash Mountain when the ropes drop, then on to Big Thuder Mountain Rail Road. Both May have long lines even by 9:15-if you arrive to find a 30 minute wait, get a Fastpass.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disney-Disney Vacation

Thinking in your next vacation to Disney? Disney is the best family travel destination the planet. Disney vacations offer kids of all ages an enchanted experience. Disney is not just for the little ones. In fact, Disney has a lot to offer to the older crowd too Mickey offers excellent activities such as, golf courses, tennis facilities, spas, saunas, bass fishing, and even bars and clubs.
If you plan on a getaway vacation without the kids for some much-deserved ‘adult time' stay in a Disney hotel and you'll have the option to enroll Jr. in supervised children's programs. He or she can have a lot of fun enjoying crafts, activities, and games while you explore what Disney really has to offer.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orlando-South and North Orlando

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Orlando beyond Disney-is hard to believed, but some travelers escape the theme parks and Disney.

See a few options:

South Orlando: Gatorland Founded in 1949 with a handful of alligators living in huts and pens, Gatorland, today, is a throwback parkk that features thousands of alligadors and crocodiles on 70 acres. Breeding pens, nurseries and rearing ponds are scattered throughout the park, whic also display monkeys, snakes, birds and Florida turtles. They offer three shows: daily:Gator Wrestling;whcih is more an enviromental awareness program;the Gator Jumparoo, in which one of the big reptiles launges 4 or 5 feet out of the water to snatch a long-dead chicken froma trainer's hand;and Snakes of Florida. Allows about 4 to 6 hours to see allthe exhibits. visit ther website: www.gatorland.com.

North: Orlando-offers the Science Center-allows visitor to expore everything from the swamps of Florida to the arid plain of Mars. The Dr.phillips CineDome is a 310 seat theater that uses the latest technology to present large format films, as well as planetarium and laser technology to present large format films, as eel as planetariun and laser shows. visit www.osc.org for more information regarding activities

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun

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The Westin Resort and Spa Cancun

If you are seeking for tours or to see the Mayan ancient ruins, shopping, exotic nightlife, or just looking to have a tranquility vacations, Cancun's Westin Resort and Spa will accommodate you. Set on a quarter-mile stretch of exquisite
Caribbean sand this resort offers the best of everything from a world-class spa to incredible authentic Mexican fine dining at their Arrecifs restaurant. The Westin also offers a special baby boomers package designed around couples reveling in their last bit of freedom that includes:
Welcoming bottle of apple cider accompanied by chocolate covered strawberries
- Daily breakfast in bed with the focus of energizing mom
- Refreshing prenatal massage
- Pedicure for feet that are or will soon be out of reach
- A luscious in-room dessert every evening
Other hotel features perfect for babymooners include:

- Gorgeous rooms with Westins signature Heavenly bed and Heavenly bath
- 24-hour room service

- Satellite channels and wireless high-speed internet access
- Exquisite views of either the Caribbean Sea or Nichupte lagoon
- Full service spa with in terrace cabanas and beachside palapas that couples the spa experience w
ith balmy sea breezes and sparkling blue water.
- Non-smoking
- All-inclusive option that includes meals and snacks from hotel operated restaurants and bars, beverages from 11am to midnight, activities, use of gym, and even taxes and tips.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to Get Cheap Flights-2go.travel

It used to be said that people are born to travel. This is because many of us like to go places and explore the beauty of other destinations. But traveling is becoming expensive already, especially with the down turn of economy worldwide.
Due to economic turmoil and the rapid increase of gas prices, having cheap flights anywhere has become next to impossible. Hence, here are some useful tips on getting low priced flights

First, always plan ahead. There are a lot of advantages in planning ahead. Aside from having ample time to seek out good deals, airlines also sometimes offer discounted seats in advanced reservations. Most airlines offer better prices when flights are booked 14 to 21 days from the departure date. You can also check research for the best months to buy plane tickets, especially if you know the month but you are just unsure of the date of your would-be trip.

Know the average deals. If you have a general idea about the average prices of plane tickets, you can better bargain for great deals. Airlines give discounted seats most of the time due to varied reasons. What most airlines do is that they tend to reserve some seats which they advertise as discount seats. Other times, they will liquidate most of the seats not filled. If you know this trend, it will be easier for you to make reservations on these discount seats.

Buy directly to the airlines. You can go for the aggregator services when checking out for potential deals and flight arrangements but when you've finalized the dates, go directly to the airlines when paying. An advantage of doing so includes avoidance of additional fees from the 3rd parties.

Although this usually doesn't work for everyone, being flexible with the date, time and airport is really a sure way to get the cheapest flights. You can even get it at half the price just by changing the airport you will be flying in and getting off to.

Avoid the days and time when most people will be flying. Good examples would be flying during the weekdays and flying on the holiday itself, instead of going a day before. In other words, avoid peak seasons if you can. You can also opt to fly later at night or very early in the morning. These schedules are usually discounted because not many people are used to flying too late at night or too early in the morning.

Many people have the notion that going to a travel agent is expensive. Contrary to this, seeking the assistance of a travel agent can produce greater results. Most travel agents are actually paid via commissions from the airlines. Since they have inside information they can even provide greater discounts. However, amidst these deeper discounts, there can also be limitations or restrictions.

Another advantage is that, since these agents are raring to get a commission, they will do everything in their power, and will use all their connections, to please a client and accommodate their needs. Also sign up for e-mail updates. By subscribing to airlines, you are guaranteed to be the first one with information about discounted seats.

Almost all airline companies provide senior citizen discounts. Hence, these airlines also offer low rates in cases of family tragedies and serious injuries.

Article by: by David Urmann