Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orlando-South and North Orlando

Orlando beyond Disney-is hard to believed, but some travelers escape the theme parks and Disney.

See a few options:

South Orlando: Gatorland Founded in 1949 with a handful of alligators living in huts and pens, Gatorland, today, is a throwback parkk that features thousands of alligadors and crocodiles on 70 acres. Breeding pens, nurseries and rearing ponds are scattered throughout the park, whic also display monkeys, snakes, birds and Florida turtles. They offer three shows: daily:Gator Wrestling;whcih is more an enviromental awareness program;the Gator Jumparoo, in which one of the big reptiles launges 4 or 5 feet out of the water to snatch a long-dead chicken froma trainer's hand;and Snakes of Florida. Allows about 4 to 6 hours to see allthe exhibits. visit ther website:

North: Orlando-offers the Science Center-allows visitor to expore everything from the swamps of Florida to the arid plain of Mars. The Dr.phillips CineDome is a 310 seat theater that uses the latest technology to present large format films, as well as planetarium and laser technology to present large format films, as eel as planetariun and laser shows. visit for more information regarding activities

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