Sunday, May 20, 2012

WD4D: The Feel-Good DJ of the Decade

WD4D: The Feel-Good DJ of the Decade

So good to see my dude be recognized for all the awesomeness he is!!! That's my DJ ya'll! Been honored to work with this brotha for at least the last 5 years (i actually don't remember exactly when we started doing shows together... just that my shows got a million times better ever since we did hook up) and my appreciation for who he is in this world still grows every day. Feel-Good DJ of the decade is no exaggeration. Love you WD!! Check the article in The Stranger here.

Khingz presents Khake & Khool​-​Aid

Been waiting for this one to drop for a minute now... one of my favorite releases from one of my favorite artists ever... Officially released today!!! Pick that up at Khingz' Bandcamp... bump it, love it & share it with all your folks! Still Here & Broken Heart Seattle are already personal anthems for me... but this EP is just heat from top to bottom!

The Narcicyst - Stuck Between Iraq and A Hard Place Volume 3


For Our Egyptian Family...

For Our Egyptian Family...


Usershare link: DOWNLOAD!
#Jan25 (Produced by Sami Matar) 

Inspired by the resilience of Egyptian people during their recent uprising, I teamed up with several notable musicians from North America to release a song of solidarity and empowerment. The track is fittingly titled “#Jan25″ as a reference to both the date the protests officially began in Egypt, and its prominence as a trending topic on Twitter. Produced by good friend Sami Matar, a Palestinian-American composer from Southern California, and featuring the likes of Freeway, HBO Def Poet Amir Sulaiman, Canadian R&B vocalist Ayah, my brother The Narcicyst & myself – this track serves as a testament to the revolution’s effect on the hearts and minds of today’s youth, and the spirit of resistance it has come to symbolize for oppressed people worldwide.
Artist Information:

Omar Offendum (MC #1) -
The Narcicyst (MC #2) -
Amir Sulaiman (MC #4) -
Ayah (R&B Vocalist) -
Sami Matar (Producer) -
Artwork by Ridwan Adhami -
Produced by Sami Matar. Shouts to Blamethelabel, Mb.

I had the good fortune of being interviewed about the track on Aljazeera English while I was performing in Doha this month as well:

Here is a slightly more elaborate interview/report done later that day by Tarek Abu-Esber of the Doha Film Institute:

The song has also been featured on:

Aljazeera Blog --

NPR --


Complex --

MTV | Iggy --

MissInfo --

NahRight --

From The Narcysist A Song for Gaza

Download a song for Gaza "Hamdulilah (Gaza Remix)" By The Narcysist. Ft. Shadia Mansour :

This Iraqi rapper is a talented friend and musician that I have been blessed to meet out here in Dubai. I have maAAAd respect for The Narcysist as a rapper and as a political activist...

So show some love & support the movement!!! Download the song, and spread the word!!!!

The lyrics to the song should be read... so here they are....

Sends shivers when you hear it,
regardless of the hardship, we will never ever fear it
For your perseverance,
got me feeling blocked up like egypt's border clearance
May God Bless your dead and gone,
we say we undeafeated, you say we're headstrong
for the will to believe in life,
if you struggle God Loves you relieve the strife
Please read Su'rat Yassin
for the purest always fall for the furious I've seen
to be grateful for your place you never know what
fate will bring us from the hateful.
for the souls anguish love
and the moments our brothers get snuffed by slugs
we see through the politics, when a missile is issued
to kill and follow our kids....

The world trying to kill their dreams, waking up in cold sweats out in Philistine
I could really tell you see, turned on the news heard they sent shells to scenes
two hours later In Gaza, the floor starting pounding and they felt the Ha'za
Hessa the policies lied, a house was blown to pieces, an olive tree cried
The ch'thib that move too fast out the mouth of Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas
We need real leaders instead of fickle beasts wicked streets cripple little beings
rippling through the middle East
God while we're on the subject please cut the strings off our political puppets.
bil rooh bil dem when soldiers creep
at the expense of your men thinking our souls are cheap speak....

Let the world know that hip-hop, is the rock that we bring when we aim our
The claim you call Israel
and the way you defend it shames Ismaill
See we could live together if the cycle of your violence didn't silence of our life with all your rifles
Alaikum Alsalam, Arab Jarab when there's harab man, 3laihum il haram
Ta'thamoon lil nas wal hu'ra, we refuse to have anymore Mohammad Al-Durrah's

The Narcicyst is truely

Iraqi-born rapper The Narcicyst is truely a pioneer in this new age Hip Hop industry. With his new album out, Illuminarcy, Narcy has been all over the world lately promoting his album and video called P.H.A.T.W.A. If you dont know this MC/Journalist, you better ask somebody for real. His track on Full Spectrum Vol.2, "Mountain" featuring fellow artist, Omar Offendum, is a smooth compilation of sick rhymes to a beat that makes you wanna float out to space. He touches every topic you can think of from Islamaphobia,Arab Discrimination, and not to mention what some might think he's best known for, his remix of "ARAB MONEY", which got the attention of even Busta Rhymes.
All in all this guy is on the way to the top, the question is not "IF" it's "When."

check out P.H.A.T.W.A

The Narcicyst - Mr.Asthmatic

The Narcicyst - Mr.Asthmatic

Fresh off the premiere of his first major film, City Of Life; the classic video for Hamdulillah last month; and after a very disturbing encounter with US Customs (which you can read all about on his blog - Narcy strikes back with this jewel of a mixtape... Let me tell you, this brotha can spit, the subject matter is always real and true, he stays entertaining, and his music always leaves me with a good feeling. Get the mixtape... matter of fact go get everything he's put out... and be sure to keep up with his blog too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walsh College Doctor of Management Information Session

Business leaders, consultants, or business educators seeking to further their career with a doctoral degree are invited to join Walsh College for an information session on the Doctor of Management (DM) in Executive Leadership, a professional doctoral degree. The information session will take place Thursday, May 31, from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Troy Campus. Registration is required:

The session will include a program overview, discussion of on-campus residency weekends, online course delivery, admissions requirements and the application process. The event will conclude with a DM student panel discussion and Q & A with DM faculty and attendees.